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Vadim Kolganov
Vadim Kolganov

DYNAMO SAMBO is the school of Russian SAMBO (aka Sombo, Cambo), Freestyle Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts, located in Glasgow Scotland.

Classes are Taken by Vadim Kolganov (right), Master of Sport, British Gold Medallist, World Bronze Sambo Medallist, Moscow State Champion. (Russian Coach of Sambo Wrestling, Central Academy of Sport, Moscow 1986 - 1991.)

Sambo Wrestling developed in Russia throughout the 20th Century based upon traditional wrestling and grappling styles that were first recorded in Russia in the 10th Century. Wrestling in Russia at this time was used to settle individual and collective differences. The Russian word Sambo was officially tagged to the sport in 1938 however historians of this grappling sport note that the development of Sambo was taking place in the 1920's. Sambo is famed the world over for it's devastating use of leg locks.
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